The following posters are available to view online and will be on display at the venue throughout the IFBF 2022 Summer Conference.

To view a poster online, or contact a poster presenter, please visit the our dedicated networking platform.

5Novel organic cathode materials for aqueous redox flow batteryAtsushi KaihoNippon Kayaku Co. Ltd., Japan
7Multi-electron materials for high energy density non-aqueous redox flow batteriesNicolas DaubTechnical University of Eindhoven, Netherlands
12Towards 100: A material-based cost minimization for different flow battery systemsAthul Seshadri RamanujamE22 Energy Storage Solutions, Spain
16Pore-scale resolved 3D simulations of aqueous organic flow batteriesAmadeus WolfKarlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
18Correlating observables for state of charge and health monitoring and crossover modelling of vanadium redox flow batteriesNiklas JanshenHamburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany
19UV-Vis Spectrophotometric analytical technique for monitoring the Fe2+ concentration in the positive electrolyte of an ICRFB.Johannes Petrus du ToitNorth West University, South Africa
22VaMoS: Development of a Vanadium-Flow-Battery State-of-Charge Monitoring SystemMatthias WielandDECHEMA Research Institute, Germany
23Low-cost ion exchange membrane development: PVA/PSSA-MA and SPASSChiari Van CauterKU Leuven, Belgium
24State of Charge Prediction of Industrial Vanadium Redox Flow Battery Systems Using Ultrasonic Sensors: Validation and Degradation EffectsRené Garcia RosasFraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems, Germany
25Detailed Model of a Vanadium Flow Battery with the Focus on Porous Separators and Crossover MechanismsAlexander KubickaTU Clausthal, Germany
30Effect of ammonium ions on a sulphonated anthraquinone-iron sulphate flow batteryLuis Fernando ArenasTU Clausthal, Germany
33A design tool for tubular redox flow stacksFabian BrandesUniversity of Applied Sciences, Germany
34An aqueous, pH-neutral zinc-ferrocene polymer flow battery, using simple cellulose size exclusion membrane.Ivan A. VolodinFriedrich Schiller University, Germany
38New fluorinated sealant for vanadium redox flow batteryJoseph Epoupa MengouEni spa, Italy
40Novel Proton Exchange Membranes for Vanadium Redox Flow BatteriesAmirreza KhataeeKTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
42Electrochemical rebalancing process for vanadium flow batteries: sizing procedure and economic assessmentNicola PoliUniversity of Padua, Italy
51Pretreated Meta-Polybenzimidazole (mPBI) Membranes for High Performance Vanadium Redox Flow BatteriesElizabeth HampsonPaul Scherrer Institut, Switzerland
59The role of TEESMAT Project in the characterization of Redox Flow BatteriesFrancisco Fernández-CarreteroTecnalia, Spain
60Substituting ion-exchange membranes with porous separators: quantifying efficiency tradeoffs and impact on LCOS for symmetric electrolytesKirk SmithUniversity of Oxford, United Kingdom
61Study of Redox Flow Battery Operation Including In-situ Potential Measurements for Deeper AnalysisGabriel GonzalezUniversity of Turku, Finland
62HIGREEW Steps towards prototype construction of an AORFBAitor BelokiCIC energiGUNE, Spain
72Facile Density Measurement Method for High Concentration Sulfate DeterminationSara Noriega OreiroAarhus University, Denmark
73Designing New Tetracationic Viologens for Aqueous Neutral Flow BatteriesCarlo CaianielloTU Clausthal, Germany
74From laboratory to field: Can we transfer single-cell performance to deployment-scale systems?Filippo FeniniAarhus University, Denmark
75Investigation of transport properties of membranes for vanadium redox flow batteriesPerizat BerdiyevaAarhus University, Denmark
76IMABATTERY APP Based on Maximum Revenue ReturnLiyu LiCougar Creek Technologies LLC., USA
77Electrode Surface Modification Strategies for Improved Performances of Aqueous Organic Redox Flow BatteriesJean-Marie FontmorinKemiwatt, France
78Study of serpentine and interdigitated flow fields for application in vanadium redox flow batteriesRavi RanjanVflowtech Pte Ltd, Singapore
82Toward Reducing the VRFB Area Specific Resistance: Optimizing Electrode Heat Treatment Time and TemperatureMohammad RahimiAarhus University, Denmark

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