CellCube is one of the world’s first and largest researchers, developers, manufacturers, and distributors of vanadium redox flow batteries. We are an industry leader in energy storage headquartered in Wiener Neudorf, Austria. With more than 130 installations worldwide, we have substantial experience. The technology is proven to deliver long lasting energy storage and infrastructure for a wide range of applications including: renewable baseload, renewable energy integration, peaker plant solutions, reserve capacity and balancing market solutions, EV charging backbone, micro grid and off grid storage or for several use cases at industrial plants and many more.

More than 15 years of research and development into the CellCube provide our customers with a top-notch energy storage system. Our vanadium-based technology is known to be state-of-the-art in the battery market. We are part of a vertical integrated group, leading in the commercialization of sustainable storage solutions proven in cooperation with famous institutes like Fraunhofer and universities in Germany and Canada. From our own key components production of power cell stacks to a high-quality end product called CellCube up to the perfect fitting power conversion systems, CellCube will be your partner for your turnkey projects.

Customers all over the world have successfully operated the CellCube for more than 10 years. The performance of the CellCube increases every day due to our own research. The new power cell stacks have run a continuous undisturbed operating test over 5 years, achieving over 20,000 cycles, which is equivalent to 28 years of daily cycling.

Official Website: www.cellcube.com

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