Speed pitch guidelines

These guidelines are for people who are presenting a poster at the IFBF 2021 virtual conference and wish to submit an additional speed pitch. If you have any questions, please contact us.


You are responsible for ensuring that you have the rights to the content of your poster and associated materials, and that you have not infringed the rights of others. You agree that you have the consent of any co-authors.


You have a maximum of 2 minutes to speak about your poster. Your aim is to convince the other delegates to view your poster, ask you questions and comment on your work. If you have submitted a 2 page paper, you may wish to suggest they read that too.

If you can make your pitch in 60 seconds it is even better. Imagine you are a listener in the audience: the short and lively pitches are often the best.

A typical script might be:

“Reducing the cost of flow battery system depends on choosing low cost materials, but making sure they are of sufficient quality. Materials need to last for the lifetime of the battery system.

We tried to reduce the cost of manufacturing the manifold system of a flow battery stack by using a 3D printer. While it didn’t melt (!), we still had a problem with the durability of the thermoplastic. Our solution was to change the format of the manifold. We eventually created a solid and durable component using a matrix of glass fibre and additive printing.

My name is X. Please read my poster, titled Y, and ask me questions. I’ve learnt a lot about 3D printing, especially how to make a messy blob!”

Poster session

There will be a dedicated poster session during the conference. Speed pitches will be shown first, followed by questions and discussion moderated by the chair. We ask all poster presenters to be available during the poster session to answer any questions regarding their work.


You can submit your speed pitch either as a short video, or a Microsoft PowerPoint slide with narration. A PowerPoint template is available here.

Videos should be recorded as mp4 files with a maximum resolution of 720p. We suggest using Zoom as it is easy to create a free Zoom call and record yourself next to your slides.


Your speed pitch must be submitted on or before 6 January 2021.

If it is small enough, please email your speed pitch to info@flowbatteryforum.com. If not, please use a file transfer service such as Dropbox or WeTransfer.

Please send us your speed pitch as soon as possible to allow us time to prepare the conference materials.


All speed pitches will be reviewed before posting on the virtual conference platform. If time permits, we will contact you regarding any changes or clarifications.

Posters and papers

You must submit a poster to accompany your speed pitch. Poster guidelines are available here.

You may also submit a two page conference paper to promote your work. Extra details may be included in your conference paper that you may not have room for in your poster. Papers provide a record of each year’s conference and will be published in the IFBF Conference Book of Papers. Paper guidelines are available here.

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