Call for proposals

We now invite you to submit your proposals for presentations, keynote addresses, interviews, panel discussions, posters, and papers for IFBF 2023. Please help us create an interesting and varied agenda.

IFBF 2023 will be a face-to-face meeting held in the historic European city of Prague in the Czech Republic, at the Corinthia Hotel, from 27 – 29 June 2023. The conference will be held alongside other industry meetings of the flow battery community, including a joint meeting with Flow Batteries Europe.

Proposals can be for oral presentations, panel sessions or posters:

  • Presentations are an ideal way to promote your research, products, or services. Technical speakers must also submit a paper to supplement their talk and further promote their work. We encourage other speakers to submit a paper too.
  • During panel sessions panellists will introduce themselves and their interests prior to a discussion lead by a moderator. Panellists may also submit a paper to supplement their position and provide additional information.
  • Posters allow you to showcase your research, products, or services. There will be a dedicated poster session at the conference. Before the poster session, selected poster presenters give a one minute ‘speed pitch’ to introduce their poster. After the poster session, awards will be presented to the best poster presenters. Poster presenters may also submit a paper to supplement their poster and further promote their work.

Papers will be published in the book of Conference Papers. This will be distributed to all delegates and can be cited in future work.

There will be real-time, online access for remote delegates, but presenters are expected to attend in-person. Attendance at the conference is part of Continuing Personal Development and we can provide certificates of attendance upon request. The conference language is English.


IFBF 2023 will be split into sessions and will include keynote presentations, as well as panel discussions on industrial and commercial topics. The agenda is guided by your submissions, and we look forward to receiving proposals over a wide range of topics.

We are looking for contributions that will be of interest to all parts of the flow battery community. We expect customers and potential purchasers of flow battery systems to attend and that they will be interested in presentations offered by end users of flow battery systems describing their use, application, technical and commercial results. A preliminary programme is available.

Our priority is for recent and novel work, but we also welcome news and updates on recent and existing projects. Authors who have previously presented on a similar topic should highlight the new content in their proposal. Proposals should avoid advertising or self-promotion but may include business activities and technical progress.

Sponsor and exhibitors

Sponsors and exhibitors are also encouraged to give a presentation, or take part in a panel session or interview. Please respond to this call for proposals.


Please note:

  • Authors may submit more than one proposal as long as they are sufficiently different.
  • Proposals have a maximum of 400 words.
  • We strongly suggest you include a one-minute video summarising and highlighting the main points of your proposal. These videos help us to arrange the conference schedule. Here is an example one-minute presentation.
  • Proposals will be reviewed by the IFBF Organising and Advisory Committee.
  • Oral presentations are often over-subscribed so the opportunity to present a poster might be offered instead. Posters are an excellent way to showcase your research, products, or services. Poster presenters can give a one-minute ‘speed pitch’ to introduce their work before the poster session. The poster session is highly interactive with good discussion between the presenters and other delegates. Prizes are awarded for the best poster presenters.
  • By submitting your work the IFBF is given the rights to publish and distribute presentations, posters and papers in printed and electronic format without payment of royalties and fees to authors.


Proposal submissions31 January 2023
Authors notified20 March 2023
Authors to register by21 April 2023
Paper submissions15 May 2023
Poster submissions5 June 2023
Speed pitch submissions5 June 2023
Speaker submissions9 June 2023

Papers are required at least six weeks before the date of the conference to enable them to be collated, reviewed, and published at the conference. The papers are indexed and submitted to major libraries and referencing services. 

We look forward to receiving your proposals. If you have any questions, please email or call +44 (0) 1666 840 948.

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