Poster guidelines

These guidelines are for people who are presenting a poster at the IFBF 2021 virtual conference. If you have any questions, please contact us.


You are responsible for ensuring that you have the rights to the content of your poster and associated materials, and that you have not infringed the rights of others. You agree that you have the consent of any co-authors.


Posters allow you to showcase your research, services and products. Your poster should encourage delegates to contact you about your work and to exchange ideas.

Your poster should be informative and cover scientific, technical, financial, or commercial aspects of flow batteries. Although we are interested to learn about your company’s or institution’s plans and commercial ambitions, your poster should not be used to solely advertise or promote your company.

We will display your poster before, during and after the conference. Using the virtual conference platform other delegates will be able to ask questions, comment on your work, or contact you throughout the conference.

Poster session

There will be a dedicated poster session during the conference. You may also record a 1 to 2 minute ‘speed pitch’ to promote your work here. This is your chance to make an impact and advertise your work to the IFBF community. Speed pitch guidelines are available here.

Speed pitches will be shown first, followed by questions and discussion moderated by the chair. We ask all poster presenters to be available during the poster session to answer any questions regarding their work.


Please submit your poster as either an unlocked Microsoft Word or Microsoft PowerPoint file, plus a separate .pdf file. Templates are available here: Word, PowerPoint.

The poster must have a white background and the IFBF logo in the top right-hand corner, blue on white. While posters this year will be viewed on a computer screen, they must still be sized to be legible if printed at A3 size. The poster must be a single sheet.

Posters may be in portrait or landscape orientation. Portrait posters look best on the virtual conference platform – both via a web browser and on a mobile – but landscape posters look better when downloaded.

Two example posters are available here: example 1example 2.


Your poster must be submitted on or before 6 January 2021 via Oxford Abstracts. Please upload your poster as soon as possible to allow us time to prepare the conference materials.


All posters will be reviewed before posting on the virtual conference platform. If time permits, we will contact you regarding any changes or clarifications.


You may also submit a two page conference paper to promote your work. Extra details may be included in your conference paper that you may not have room for in your poster. Papers provide a record of each year’s conference and will be published in the IFBF Conference Book of Papers. Paper guidelines are available here.

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