Speaker guidelines

These guidelines are for people who are speaking at the IFBF 2024 Conference. They explain what you should provide and give guidance for your content. If you have any questions, please contact us.


You are responsible for ensuring that you have the rights to the content of your presentation and associated materials and that you have not infringed the rights of others. You agree that you have the consent of any co-authors.


Presentations are an ideal way to promote your research, products, or services. Your presentation should encourage delegates to contact you and exchange ideas.

Your presentation should be lively and informative. It should cover a scientific, technical, financial, or commercial aspect of flow batteries. Although we are interested in learning about your company’s or institution’s plans and commercial ambitions, your presentation should not be used for advertising or promotion.

Presentations will be grouped into sessions, each with a specific theme. Each themed session will be moderated by a Chair. The Chair will introduce you by name, your company or institution, and the topic of your work. The time slot for your presentation and questions will be 15 minutes. You will be warned at 12 minutes to allow time for questions moderated by the Chair.


This is a conference about flow batteries, not climate change or renewable energy. Most delegates will know about power systems. Please do not spend excessive time talking about these topics unless they are specifically relevant to your work.

If you are using slides, we advise no more than one slide per minute. If you wish to share detailed information or data, consider including this in your conference paper which will be available to delegates during your presentation.

The conference language is English, but the IFBF is international and English is not the first language of most speakers and delegates. We ask native English speakers to consider their choice of words and aim to be easily understood. If English is not your native language and you would like to rehearse your presentation with an English speaker, please contact us.


If you are using slides the preferred format is Microsoft PowerPoint. Speakers wishing to use other formats should contact us in advance to ensure compatibility. 16:9 ratio is preferred, but 4:3 may be used.

Presentations will be live and live-streamed, but please record a video of your presentation beforehand in case you are unable to attend the conference due to unforeseen circumstances. The video should be recorded as an mp4 file with a maximum resolution of 720p. We suggest using Zoom as it is easy to create a free Zoom call and record yourself next to your slides.


Please submit your slides via Oxford Abstracts. Please send your video using a file transfer service such as Dropbox or WeTransfer.

Please submit your presentation files as soon as possible to allow us time to prepare the conference materials. The deadline for speaker submissions is 9 June 2024.


All presentations will be reviewed. If time permits, we will contact you regarding any changes or clarifications.


All the information disclosed in your presentation will be in the public domain, irrespective of any caveats or protective markings on your presentation.

We will publish your slides and a recording of your talk after the conference unless you tell us otherwise. 

Conference paper

All speakers in our technical sessions must submit a paper, and we encourage other speakers and panelists to also submit a paper. Extra information may be included in your conference paper, allowing you to concentrate on the most important topics in your talk.

Papers provide a record of each year’s conference and will be published in the book IFBF Conference Papers. This book will be made available to all delegates at the conference in electronic format. Please follow the paper guidelines.

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