• IFBF 2022, Brussels

    Last week we held our eleventh in-person IFBF conference. We received some lovely feedback from delegates; we thank everyone that took part and helped make the event such a great success. We held the conference jointly with Flow Batteries Europe and together we debated the Batteries Passport, Innovation funding in Horizon Europe, and the European […]

  • FLORES – Save the date!

    MORE INFO and REGISTER HERE. We are expecting more than 250 delegates at the IFBF next week, but the work does not stop there. At the conference we will be referring to the Batteries Directive and how flow batteries fit into the new regulations. The implications are important, and there is much to think about. […]

  • One week to go!

    After a two-year absence we can’t wait to have a real conference again next week. And we are delighted to announce that we now have over 200 delegates that will be present in-person, with 150 of those choosing to join us at the conference dinner. We have a packed programme, some fantastic sponsors and hallways full of exhibitors. IFBF […]

  • Why invest in flow batteries?

    Change happens fast in the energy industry. It used to be the comment that power utilities were conservative and reluctant to change, but that has ignored the evidence of the big shift over the past ten years into renewable energy and advanced distributed technologies. Ten years ago we even thought that battery energy storage would […]

  • Is a flow battery gigafactory needed?

    “Absolutely!” says Stephen Prince of Largo Clean Energy, who is one of our panel speakers at this year’s IFBF conference in Brussels. It’s hard to imagine how we can switch to more renewable energy sources without more energy storage too. We need to build energy storage quickly – and in great volume – to meet […]

  • Network now!

    With over 150 tickets sold and our exhibition space full, the IFBF conference is an ideal opportunity to network and discuss the latest flow battery research and industry developments. Attendees can also join the pre-conference workshop, dinner and post-conference site visit. For those unable to attend in person, the conference will be streamed live and […]

  • Four weeks until the solstice and one calendar month to the IFBF!

    Escape winter – come to Brussels and the IFBF’s Summer Conference, 28–29 June! It’s easy for us in Europe to forget that as daylight gets longer each day, many of our readers are now facing the middle of winter. So, we are pleased to welcome delegates and presenters from South Africa and Australia demonstrating that this will […]

  • A new deal for gigawatts of flow batteries

    Commercial interest in flow batteries and long duration energy storage made another significant leap forward this week. CellCube, one of our platinum sponsors, has announced a framework agreement with Kibo Energy, a UK and sub-Saharan Africa energy company, for the supply of 1 GW of vanadium flow battery storage for a range of applications including telecoms […]

  • Let’s talk flow batteries… what can flow batteries do to help energy security?

    Our keynote speech and opening address at the IFBF conference this year will be given by Karlis Goldstein, energy advisor to the European Commission. Karlis’s areas of responsibility include energy storage and the battery alliance. He will address energy security in Europe, setting the scene for our wider discussions on how flow batteries will be […]

  • Ten weeks until IFBF 2022!

    Most national energy policies in recent years have been based on balancing the three parts of the energy trilemma: security of supply, economy of energy supply and sustainability. Only six months ago, with the message of COP26 fresh in our ears, we focussed on sustainability. It is therefore entirely appropriate to welcome Jim Stover, from […]

  • Registration for IFBF 2022 is now open!

    The means to providing and maintaining a secure energy supply are now a daily topic of discussion, and we now have an important opportunity to make sure that flow batteries are included in corporate, national and international energy strategies. Here in the UK there is a very strong interest in large scale battery energy storage, […]

  • Flow Batteries Europe to host this year’s IFBF

    I am grateful that we can plan an in-person conference this summer after a two-year pause. Running the virtual events was a great alternative when we couldn’t meet in person, but there’s nothing like face-to-face interaction for building long-term relationships. Our two-day conference will be held at Hotel Le Plaza in Brussels, Belgium on Tuesday 28 and […]

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