Flow batteries at an industrial scale. Pre-conference activities at the IFBF 2024 

On Monday 24 June, the IFBF holds its pre-conference workshop at the Hilton Glasgow


Invinity Energy Systems, our host for this year’s International Flow Battery Forum, produces flow batteries for international markets. They will be leading our pre-conference workshop and briefing on flow batteries on Monday 24 June. This is an ideal opportunity for you to learn about how flow batteries work, how they are made and how they are packaged into operating systems. The workshop is intended not only for those with little or no prior knowledge of flow batteries, but also to be relevant to anyone who wants to know more about the challenges of large-scale manufacturing of flow batteries and how to achieve utility scale in flow batteries. Jean-Louis Cols, from Invinity, will be explaining how flow batteries are made, and describe how they are deployed in the field. 

The workshop programme 

10.00 – Welcome & an introduction to energy storage – Anthony Price, Flow Batteries Europe 

10:20 – How a flow battery works – similarities and differences to other battery types and an overview of flow battery chemistries –  Peter Fischer, Fraunhofer ICT 

11:00 – How to build a flow battery:  materials and manufacturing – Jean-Louis Cols, Invinity Energy Systems 

12:00 – Flow battery systems and operation  – Jean-Louis Cols, Invinity Energy Systems 

13:00 – Lunch 

A separate registration for this workshop and briefing is required.  Please register here! 


Flow Batteries Europe (FBE), the trade association for flow batteries, invites you to an open meeting on the afternoon of Monday 24 June. The open meeting is to discuss key issues for the flow battery industry, including the establishment and progress of FBE’s working group on carbon footprint for flow batteries. This is an important step in the long-term commercialization of flow batteries. 

The Programme includes presentations and discussions: 

14:00 – Welcome by the FBE President Kees van de Kerk and FBE Secretary General Anthony Price, and review of current activities 

14:10 – Overcoming risks in energy storage:  flow battery safety and risks. Bin Shu, University of New South Wales & Jens Noack, Fraunhofer ICT 

14:50 – Flow batteries and skills: developing the next generation. Jan Girschik, Fraunhofer UMSICHT 

15:05 – Regulatory matters for flow batteries, including Future restrictions on PFAS, and the Battery Passport. The establishment and progress of the FBE working group on carbon footprint for flow batteries.  

Registration is required for this open meeting.    

Registration is complimentary: 

  • for all those attending the flow battery briefing and workshop on the morning of 24 June 
  • for all FBE members 
  • for all delegates registered for the IFBF 

After the open meeting, there is a members’ only meeting of the General Assembly of the Association from 16:00 – 17:00 

If you are not a member of Flow Batteries Europe please contact Beata Virsumirska (b.virsumirska@flowbatterieseurope.eu) for more information about joining. 

These meetings will be a great networking opportunity and will set the scene for our discussions during the IFBF. We look forward to seeing you there. 

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