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IFBF 2017 27-29 June Manchester, England





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IFBF 2018 has now concluded.

Conference Presentations & Posters

Conference presentations and posters can be downloaded via the conference proceedings page.  Delegates who attended the conference should already have received the username and password.

250 delegates attended the conference this year.  If you would like to come next year, please subscribe to our mailing list and we will let you know the arrangements for the dates and the venue in a couple of months' time.

Conference Summary

The ninth International Flow Battery Forum was held in Lausanne Switzerland, a beautiful city steeped in history with a gothic cathefral situated between lake Geneva and the Jura mountains.  Home to the International Olympic Committee and the Unesco world heritage status Lavaux vineyard terraces.

The conference took place at the SwissTech Convention Centre and brought together all those interested in research, academia, development, manufacturing, commercialisation, and deployment of flow batteries which included keynote presentations, oral presentations, panel discussions, poster session and networking opportunities including an evening drinks reception, and academic industry visit.

Monday 9th July

We held an educational introductory seminar before the IFBF for those who are new to the industry.  The seminar provides background and essential information about flow batteries and a visit to EPFL's microgrid which includes a battery supplied by Leclanche. 

During the evening we attended the the evening reception and dinner at the Gina Restaurant sponsored by Vanitec.


Tuesday 10th July 

Conference day 1 with the IFBF evening drinks reception and evening dinner at the Olympic Museum in Ouchy.  Delegates enjoyed a private viewing of the exhibitions before the reception and the dinner.  The museum contains displays on the origin of the Olympic movement, the history of the venues and each of the games of the modern era as well as displays on the sports themselves.  The evening drinks reception was supported by UET and Rongke Power and the evening dinner was sponsored by Solvay.



Wednesday 11th July

Conference day 2 poster session with the evening drinks reception sponsored by Oxkem in the exhibition area at the SwissTech Convention Centre:



Thursday 12th July

Conference day 3

Friday 13th July

We visited EPFL's electro-mobility demonstration site in Martigny and delegates were able to view two vanadium flow battery systems as well as a hydrogen car refuelling station.


For general enquiries about the conference or our mailing list please email us at: or contact Aud Heyden: +44 (0)1666 840948.

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