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The International Flow Battery Forum (IFBF®) is the leading event for the flow battery community. We promote the most recent developments in the science, technology and deployment of flow batteries and our conferences cover a broad range of interests in research and commercial aspects of flow batteries. Electrical energy storage is a key part of smart electricity networks and is an important way to integrate renewable and conventional energy. Flow batteries are a crucial technology within this sector with many unique features and benefits.

IFBF 2023 Prague, Czech Republic, 27–29 June 2023

We are pleased to announce that IFBF 2023 will be held in Prague.

Our conference sessions include keynote addresses and invited presentations from representatives of international organisations and associations, national and local governments. Our technical and commercial sessions cover formal presentations, panel discussions and interviews and our popular networking poster session.

Sponsors and exhibitors

IFBF conferences typically attract over 250 attendees and are an ideal opportunity for sponsors and exhibitors to promote their products and services. Sponsorship packages are available giving high profile visibility support to companies through their association with the IFBF – the leading annual international flow battery conference. There will be an internal exhibition space for 25 exhibitors to display their promotional materials.

This year’s conference is supported by Pinflow, a pioneering flow battery company based in Pilsen, Czech Republic. Please join them and share your knowledge as we promote our vision of the role of flow batteries of all sizes, and applications, in a world that needs low cost, reliable and clean electrical power. Please see the sponsors and exhibitors page for more information or contact our office.

Preliminary Programme

Tuesday: The impact of flow batteries on the energy infrastructure for the delivery of clean and secure power

  • Developing market products by transmission and distribution system operators to use storage to reduce or eliminate fossil fuelled peaking plant
  • Demonstrating flexibility, speed of response and the environmental credentials of flow batteries in use in the electricity infrastructure
  • Reconfiguring infrastructure- flow batteries at the transmission and generation scale, storage and PV, local storage, EV support, and domestic applications
  • Finance, funding and regulatory support and assistance for research, development and deployment for flow batteries.

Tuesday evening: Conference reception and dinner

Wednesday: Update on technical and commercial developments in the world of flow batteries
  • Operational experience of flow battery installations
  • Novel chemistry and novel configurations
  • Research and development in flow battery operation, components, integration, manufacture
  • Materials, components, and supply chain for flow battery manufacture
  • Interactive poster presentations and open discussion
Wednesday evening: networking reception


Thursday: Markets, industry, and operation
  • Research and development in flow battery operation, components, and manufacturing
  • Flow battery systems integration, power conversion systems, digital control
  • Business opportunities for flow battery applications in industrial and commercial operations – including the water and wastewater industry, mining and extraction, chemicals and processing industry
  • National and International Standards for flow batteries and energy storage
Thursday afternoon: Optional site visit to a local wastewater treatment plant, and exhibitions of Flow Battery modules by our supporters and sponsors

Call for proposals for papers, posters and discussion topics

Our call for proposals will be open from 1 December 2022 until 31 January 2023. We invite proposals for presentations, supporting papers, and participation in our networking and poster session. Papers are published in our book of conference proceedings.

Don’t just take our word for it

The IFBF 2022 was a great success again! The presentations, the networking, and the opportunities for executive meetings make the IFBF the essential event for the flow battery community.

Jean-Louis Cols,  Invinity Energy Systems, IFBF 2022

First time attendee. Really enjoyed the community. Good mixture of science, companies, suppliers etc. for a broad band of topics. Looking forward to next year.”

Flow Battery Manufacturer, IFBF 2019

Effective way of connecting industry and academia, which helps identify problems relevant to commercialisation.”

Academic Attendee, IFBF 2019

Conferences should be an opportunity for delegates to meet and discuss all aspects of the conference topic, often in a variety of formats. Now in its 10th year, the IFBF has achieved this with social events, industry visits and poster sessions.”

Energy Storage Journal, Winter 2019

IFBF 2022 Sponsors

IFBF 2022 Supporters

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