AvCarb – Conference Dinner Sponsor

AvCarb has developed a portfolio of materials that optimize the performance of electrochemical technologies. Graphitized carbon felt, carbon fabrics, papers, GDLs and graphite laminates are produced in volume today for applications including redox flow batteries, fuel cells, water electrolyzers, sensor technology, and industrial scale chemical processes.

Flow battery developers around the world have designed in AvCarb® felts, fabrics and papers to produce high-performance systems designed to last for decades. AvCarb RFB electrodes are engineered to exhibit low though plane resistance and exceptional electrolyte flow. Our manufacturing processes ensure  ultra-high purity and high product uniformity. All felt and fabric electrode products are precision die cut and include our proprietary Activated by AvCarb treatment. Standard thicknesses range from 2.8mm to 7.0mm and custom thicknesses are available upon request.

Official website: https://www.avcarb.com/

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