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Invinity Energy Systems is a global manufacturer of Vanadium Flow Batteries. The company serves commercial, industrial, and utility-scale customers seeking longer duration, utility-grade energy storage solutions and has deployed its modular battery systems at over 70 sites across 15 countries, more than any other company in the space. Invinity’s batteries unlock low-cost, low-carbon renewable energy on demand for customers around the world, helping to accelerate global progress towards Net Zero.Backed by 15+ years of R&D, Invinity’s 3rd generation, modular VS3 batteries are proven in commercial applications, non flammable, fully recyclable and do not contain conflict minerals. Recently announced and deployed systems include an 8.4 MWh battery in Alberta, Canada, a 8.3 MWh battery in Southern Australia, a 10 MWh battery in southern California, and a 1.5 MWh sale to Hyosung Heavy Industries.  Invinity was also recently awarded £11 million in funding by the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero to build the largest grid-scale battery ever manufactured in the UK.

Invinity is active in all major global energy storage markets and has operations in the UK, Canada, USA, China and Australia.  To find out more, visit or contact

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