The Sumitomo Electric Group operates globally in about 40 countries and regions with over 280,000 employees. For more than 120 years since our establishment, we have been taking on challenges towards developing our own technologies and creating new businesses, thereby expanding our business domain. Today, we operate in five segments: automotive, info-communications, electronics, environment and energy, and industrial materials. Of particular note is the environment and energy segment, which we have been operating since our establishment. Centering on electric wires and cables, our business has and continues to expand into various fields, including next-generation energy products such as flow batteries and superconductivity devices.

As for the flow battery system, with over 35 separate installations and 159 MWhs and counting built, our VRFB has consistently proved itself to be one of the best flow batteries in the market. Yet we wish to lower our price point even more to challenge the price point of lithium-ion batteries and push the flow battery market into the mainstream of storage technologies. This expansion is backed by the Group’s high-level technologies and rich experience. Leveraging our wide variety of products, we present total solutions covering systems to services.

Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.
1-1-3 Shimaya, Konohana Ward, Osaka, Japan 554-0024
T: +81-6-6466-5628

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