Preliminary programme

Tuesday 27 June

The impact of flow batteries on the energy infrastructure for the delivery of clean and secure power

  • Developing market products by transmission and distribution system operators to use storage to reduce or eliminate fossil fuelled peaking plant
  • Demonstrating flexibility, speed of response and the environmental credentials of flow batteries in use in the electricity infrastructure
  • Reconfiguring infrastructure – flow batteries at the transmission and generation scale, storage and PV, local storage, EV support, and domestic applications
  • Finance, funding and regulatory support and assistance for research, development and deployment for flow batteries.

Evening – Conference dinner

The IFBF conference dinner will take place at the Municipal House Restaurant, the most beautiful Art Nouveau restaurant in the Czech Republic, located in Prague’s city centre. Expect a night of fun and tasty traditional Czech food!

Wednesday 28 June

Update on technical and commercial developments in the world of flow batteries

  • Operational experience of flow battery installations
  • Novel chemistry and novel configurations
  • Research and development in flow battery operation, components, integration, and manufacture
  • Materials, components, and supply chain for flow battery manufacture
  • Interactive poster presentations and open discussion.

Evening – Poster session and networking

Poster session with presentations from researchers followed by a networking reception.

Thursday 29 June

Markets, industry, and operation

  • Research and development in flow battery operation, components, and manufacturing
  • Flow battery systems integration, power conversion systems, and digital control
  • Business opportunities for flow battery applications in industrial and commercial operations – including the water and wastewater industry, mining and extraction, chemicals and processing industry
  • National and International Standards for flow batteries and energy storage.

Afternoon – Site visit

The Old Wastewater Plant is a unique monument, testament to the history of architecture and engineering of Prague. The tour will show the still-functional steam engine room from 1903 and look into the original spaces of this historic wastewater plant. For sponsors and exhibitors it is an ideal venue to display larger flow battery modules and installations.

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