Ten weeks until IFBF 2022!

Most national energy policies in recent years have been based on balancing the three parts of the energy trilemma: security of supply, economy of energy supply and sustainability. Only six months ago, with the message of COP26 fresh in our ears, we focussed on sustainability. It is therefore entirely appropriate to welcome Jim Stover, from […]

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Registration for IFBF 2022 is now open!

The means to providing and maintaining a secure energy supply are now a daily topic of discussion, and we now have an important opportunity to make sure that flow batteries are included in corporate, national and international energy strategies. Here in the UK there is a very strong interest in large scale battery energy storage, […]

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Flow Batteries Europe to host this year’s IFBF

I am grateful that we can plan an in-person conference this summer after a two-year pause. Running the virtual events was a great alternative when we couldn’t meet in person, but there’s nothing like face-to-face interaction for building long-term relationships. Our two-day conference will be held at Hotel Le Plaza in Brussels, Belgium on Tuesday 28 and […]

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IFBF 2022… will be in Brussels!

Last week I attended a large conference on energy storage in London. It was very enjoyable to reconnect with so many people from the energy industry and, in particular, so many people in the flow battery community. Long duration energy storage was one of the quieter themes of the conference, but the advocates of flow […]

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The big questions for flow batteries in 2022

At the end of 2021 we asked for your views on the most important topics for flow batteries. We had many excellent responses – thank you – and your ideas are helping to shape the agenda for the IFBF’s future work. COP 26 provided good publicity for the urgent need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. […]

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The next generation

Last weekend a colleague built a potato clock with his seven-year-old son. Together they calculated it was generating 5.9 mW DC. If they had eaten the potato, about 100 calories, it would have fuelled them for about 10 minutes pedalling on an exercise bike generating around 100 W. It’s an interesting discussion; eat the potato for a quick fix […]

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