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Our conference planned in Düsseldorf from 30th June – 2nd July has been postponed and will now take place during the third week in January 2021. The venue is the same – the Intercontinental Hotel in Düsseldorf. We will hold an interactive web based IFBF® showcase on 30th June 2020 to present and discuss the most important issues in our industry.
Please continue to keep 30th June 2020 clear for this event.


The International Flow Battery Forum is a trading name of Swanbarton Ltd®.  IFBF® is a registered trademark. The contact details for the purposes of these Terms are:

IFBF Administration
Swanbarton Ltd
Dairy Farm
SN16 0NX
+44 (0) 1666 840 948

1. Our Agreement

These terms and conditions (the “Terms”) apply to Bookings made by You.

The person completing the Booking form or other related document confirms that he/she has the authority to do so on behalf of the Customer.

Bookings placed shall constitute a contract with Us once You receive confirmation of Booking (via email or an invoice being raised by Us) regardless of whether payment has already been made or remains outstanding.

Throughout these Terms, the following definitions shall apply:

  • Attendee(s) means Delegates, Exhibitors and Sponsors attending or otherwise participating in or at an Event
  • Bookings means all bookings, acceptances, confirmations and other contracts made by, or on behalf of, a Customer with Us to attend, exhibit at and/or sponsor an Event
  • Delegate(s) means individuals attending an Event (whether in a personal or corporate capacity)
  • Event means the seminar, marketplace, conference, meeting or other event the subject of the Booking
  • Exhibitor means those Customers who are exhibiting or promoting any product, service, event or organisation at any Event
  • Sponsor means those Customers who sponsor an Event
  • Us or We means Swanbarton Ltd
  • You or the Customer means the person, firm, company or organisation booking to attend, exhibit at and/or sponsor an Event.

2. Payment terms

Payment may be made by credit/debit card on line at the point of Booking or on request We will issue an invoice.  In the case of payment where an invoice is issued payment is due within 14 days of the date of the invoice.

Any questions or disputes related to an invoice must be raised with Us, in writing, within 14 days from the date of the invoice in dispute.

3. Booking confirmation

Delegates may book online or direct with Us. With online Bookings, Delegates will receive a system-generated receipt.  With direct Bookings, Delegates will receive an invoice, which is then returned as a receipt after confirmation of payment.  The receipt is the formal confirmation of Booking and for administration purposes is the Delegate ticket for registration at the Event.

Exhibitors and Sponsors can book directly with Us. Exhibitors and Sponsors will receive an invoice, which is then returned as a receipt after confirmation of payment. The receipt is the formal confirmation of Booking.

4. Delegate amendments

A Delegate place is transferrable between members of the same company or institution.  However, a Delegate who is offered a discount may only transfer the Delegate place to someone who is also eligible for the same discount.  Should You wish to make any changes to the Booking please put these requests in writing at least 14 days in advance of the Event.

5. Delegate cancellations

You have the right to cancel your Booking at any time before the day of the Event, but We ask You to do so as soon as possible to assist Event organisation.  Cancellation of Booking requests should be made in writing and may result in a partial refund to cover our administrative costs.

If a cancellation of Delegate Booking is received by Us more than 21 days before the date of the Event You shall pay to Us 25% of the full amount payable in respect of that Booking.  

If a cancellation of Delegate Booking is received by Us between 21 days and 10 days before the date of the Event You shall pay to Us 50% of the full amount payable in respect of that Booking.  

If a cancellation of Delegate Booking is received by Us less than 10 days before the date of the Event You shall pay to Us the full amount payable in respect of that Booking.  

Any part of the full amount payable in respect of that Booking that remains unpaid shall remain payable and shall be paid by You to Us in full.  If You have paid more than the full amount payable in respect of that Booking the excess shall be refunded to you.

Cancellation request form

6. Exhibitor and sponsor cancellations

Exhibitor and Sponsor Bookings are non-refundable.

7. Event cancellation and variation

We reserve the right to cancel any Event or vary the content, running order, speakers, date, venue or any other detail of an Event without liability for any loss or cost which may be suffered by You (other than, where We cancel an Event, the refund of any amount paid by You to Us in respect of that Booking in accordance with the above).  All issued Delegate tickets for an Event will be valid for use at the Event when it is held on an alternative date.

8. Refunds

All refunds due from Us to You in accordance with these Terms will be made within 14 days by Us to You.  Refunds are only payable by Us to You in the circumstances set out in these Terms.

9. Security and safety

We and our venue organisers reserve the right to refuse admission to or remove from the premises any persons for any reason, where in our opinion, this is necessary.  In accordance with published information, reasonable security searches may be conducted at the Event and all Delegates agree to submit to the same.

In the interests of public safety, Delegates may be required to leave the venue at any time or immediately after the Event.  No admission or readmission is permitted after the end of the Event.  All Delegates shall comply with security, safety and other venue rules and shall not damage any property at or any part of the venue.

10. Recordings, images and photography

We reserve the right to prohibit the use of photographic or other video and audio recording equipment during any part of the Event as We or the Venue organisers shall determine.

If you attend a conference you consent to be photographed and recorded by audio or video.  Photographs and recordings may be copyrighted, published and distributed and used in any media, including print and electronic, for reporting and marketing purposes. If you do not wish to consent, please contact us before registering.

Our full Privacy Notice can be found here.

11. Liability

To the extent permitted by law, Swanbarton Ltd excludes all liability for any loss or damage to any Customer’s property at any time before, during or after the Event.

12. Data protection

We will communicate with you about the Event and thereafter using the information you provide at the time of booking.  Please ensure that this information is correct as we cannot be held liable for any loss caused by our inability to contact you based on incorrect information provided.

The information you supply to us when completing a Booking may also be used for publication (for inclusion in our directories, catalogues or delegate lists and on our websites) and to provide you with information about our products or services in the form of direct marketing activity by phone, email or post.  If at any time you no longer wish to receive communications from us, please contact us.

Our full Privacy Notice can be found here.

13. Other provisions

If, for any reason, any clause or section of these Terms is deemed unenforceable, such unenforceable provision shall be treated as though deleted and the validity of the remaining Terms shall be unaffected.

These Terms are governed by the laws of England and we both submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England.

18 November 2019

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