Four weeks until the solstice and one calendar month to the IFBF!

Escape winter – come to Brussels and the IFBF’s Summer Conference, 28–29 June! It’s easy for us in Europe to forget that as daylight gets longer each day, many of our readers are now facing the middle of winter. So, we are pleased to welcome delegates and presenters from South Africa and Australia demonstrating that this will be a worldwide event, bringing the international flow battery community together.

Mikhail Nikomarov will be representing Vanitec – the worldwide industry body for the vanadium industry – and will be presenting Vanitec’s report on the market opportunities for flow batteries. Mikhail, who founded Bushveld Energy in South Africa, is well known for his deep knowledge of the energy storage market and the role of flow batteries. We are also pleased that the Long Duration Energy Storage Council will be represented at the conference by Alan Greenshields of ESS Inc. lan will be on our panel session as we debate opportunities to achieve more scale in the flow battery industry.

We will also hear about recent progress in flow battery technology. Nico Mans, from North West University in South Africa, has been researching the production of electrolytes for iron chromium flow batteries. Sascha Genthe, of the Technical University of Clausthal, will review his group’s progress in the development of zinc air flow batteries. Eric Fell, of Harvard University, has more news about highly water soluble synthesised organic electrolytes. Join us and debate with experts as we look to reduce the cost of the basic materials used in flow battery manufacture.

But please register soon – we have just a few places remaining in our exhibition area and the reserved hotel rooms at the conference venue expire on 31 May.

We look forward to seeing you next month.

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