Vincente Vert Belenguer

Vicente Vert, PhD (M), has a doctorate in Chemical Engineering from the Polytechnic, and a Master’s Degree in Polymeric Materials and Composites from the University of Valencia, Spain. Vincente has more than 15 years of experience in the execution and technical management of national and international research projects, based on the development of materials and applications to improve energy and environmental efficiency.

In 2017 he joined AIMPLAS in the area of ​​Sustainability and Industrial Valorization and currently he belongs to the Construction and Renewable Energies Group, where he performs technical advisory tasks to companies interested in reducing the environmental impact of plastic products, proposing alternative products, suitability of materials and environmental evaluation studies, such as the analysis of the life cycle or the carbon footprint, among other ecological labels and certifications.

In addition, he participates in the technical and documentary execution of different national and international projects focused on the circular economy, recycling, biodegradability and the renewable origin of plastics. In 2020 he joined the AIMPLAS Construction and Renewable Energies area, where he contributes the learned sustainability and complements it with the electrochemical foundations of materials for energy storage and production applications such as batteries, fuel cells, green hydrogen generation. He has extensive experience in presenting results at national and international conferences, as well as presenting proposals to various audiences. He also has knowledge in quality control and management processes, business creation and industrialization.


Session 8 – Group work: EU calls and policy briefing preparation
Symposium - Friday 9th, Symposium - Friday 9th - 14:55, Symposium sessions

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