Tomas Klicpera

1995 – Engineering master degree, Catalyst development for transformation of isobutyric acid to methacrylic acid, University of Pardubice, Czech Republic.

2000 – PhD, Catalyst development for hydrotreatment of crude oil, Institute of Chemical Technology Prague, Czech Republic.

2000 –2002 – Post-doc, Catalysts for steam reforming of Dimethylether.

2002 – 2007 – Junior researcher, Development of diesel particulate filters and development of fuel cell components, Asahi Glass, Japan.

2007 – today – Senior Manager Electrochemistry and Quality Control at FUMATECH BWT GmbH in Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany. Researching advanced characterisation and routine QC of membranes for fuel cells, water electrolysis, flow batteries, electrodialysis, diffusion dialysis, CDI, EDI etc.


Session 5 – Identifying industrial needs for applied energy storage research
Symposium - Friday 9th, Symposium - Friday 9th - 12:45, Symposium sessions

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