Søren Bødker

Søren Bødker is CEO of VisBlue, a Danish-Portuguese spinout company. In late 2014, Søren founded VisBlue with his three cofounders Adelio Mendes, Anders Bentien, and Morten Brun Madsen. Through the co-founders Adelio Mendes who is a professor at the University of Porto, Portugal, and Anders Bentien who is a professor at the University of Aarhus, Denmark, VisBlue has a strong connection to the research world, which acts like an extra R&D department.

With Søren at the head of the company, VisBlue has installed more than 100 batteries around Europe. Søren has an educational background in Electronics complimented with an M.B.A., and previous to his experience in the battery and energy storage sector, Søren has a vast experience from the fuel cell sector and as a Business Development Manager.


Session 3 – Long duration storage in action
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