Adam Rousselle

Adam Rousselle Sr. is the President and CEO of Renewable Energy Aggregators, Inc. (REA).  REA delivers hardened Grid-Scale Storage for both data centers and strategic clients.  Adam is a recognized expert in Transmission Facility Ratings and Generation Development and principle inventor of 8 US Patents and more than 36 international patents.  Most notably his patents enjoy inclusion in the 2012 IEEE and Cigre international best practice standards for determining transmission conductor temperature.  In 2017 Mr. Rousselle located REA’s signature 500 MW Pumped Storage projects, both of which received an order from FERC disclaiming jurisdiction, a first in American history.  Mr. Rousselle is a 100% service-connected permanent and totally disabled combat veteran after serving with the 7th Special Forces Group and the 1st Squadron 7th Cavalry where he was awarded the Bronze Star for his actions.

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