Showcase Outline

Join our interactive web based IFBF showcase to listen to the latest information about flow battery development and deployment. We will hold four web sessions, with two on Tuesday 30 June and two on Wednesday 1 July.  

In our first session we take an overview of the industry, with reviews of energy storage policy. We will tackle the need for longer duration energy storage and the attributes of flow batteries and include a presentation on the market size with a discussion on market competition with flow battery manufacturers.  

Our second session, includes  presentations on the role for energy storage in the digital age  –  how the sector’s  requirements for renewable energy need to be balanced with significant energy storage if the sector is to operate sustainably and efficiently and how flow battery suppliers will meet the challenges and targets. 

The sessions on Wednesday cover other applications of storage and more recent developments including flow battery deployment both off and on the traditional power grid. We will hear about the potential for using flow batteries on board ships and address the environmental footprint of flow batteries. Our final session will include news and progress from across the flow battery industry.

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