Session 4 – Strategic, commercial and environmental performance

Given the increasing need to demonstrate whole life costs, what combination of cycle lifetime, calendar lifetime, carbon and energy content of manufacture, operation and decommissioning / recycling should be achieved to ensure flow batteries are competitive with other technologies?

A discussion with representatives from Fraunhofer ICT, the University of Calgary, PNNL, TU Claustal and Burns McDonnell.

Presentation Speaker Affiliation
Financial targets Torsten Müller Fraunhofer ICT
Experimental investigation and modelling of the whole life costs of flow battery systems Ted Roberts University of Calgary
Strategic targets – do flow batteries have the competitive edge? Viswanathan Vilayanur PNNL
Sustainability & environmental – flow battery emissions Nick Blume TU Claustal
Considerations and challenges associated with upscaling flow batteries from pilot or bench scale up to utility grid scale projects. Patricia Scroggin-Wicker Burns McDonnell

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