Introductory seminar (Tbc)

NOTE: Separate registration is required for the introductory seminar

This seminar is an introduction to electrical energy storage flow batteries and provides a background understanding of the need for energy storage on power systems market opportunities, while also covering the important technical and commercial aspects of flow battery design, manufacture and operation. This essential information allows delegates to successfully engage with the wide-ranging topics at the main IFBF conference.

The half-day introductory seminar covers the following topics:

  • An introduction to electrical energy storage
    • Energy storage for grid and non-grid applications
    • Classification and overview of electrical energy storage technologies
    • Key issues for electrical energy storage:
      • Renewable generation
      • Energy trading
      • Commercial operation
      • Applications for long-duration energy storage
      • Deployment status of flow batteries
      • Key commercial issues for the flow battery industry
  • Flow battery theory
    • Primary and secondary batteries, conventional and flow batteries and fuel cells
    • Electrical chemical design, monopolar and bipolar cells
    • Flow battery chemistries: choice of couples, couples in development
    • Key electrochemical characteristics and performance of flow batteries, cell voltage, current density, cell resistance, side reactions
  • Flow battery design, scale-up, and manufacture
    • Cell design issues: flow distribution, the current collection
  • System design: pumps and ancillary systems
    • Choice of materials electrodes, separators/membrane, manufacturing processes
  • Power conversion
    • Electrolyte conditioning and battery management
    • Materials supply chain issues
    • Flow battery operation and performance

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