Session 8: Flow battery trade association

In this session Patrick Clerens, of Clerens Consulting, will present the need for a flow battery trade association. An idea which the IFBF greatly supports.

The need

Batteries are an important part of the transition to clean energy. And different battery technologies have different applications; flow batteries are particularly suited to the urgent needed for longer term energy storage. But today, flow batteries compete for attention with other more common and commercially available battery technologies, and their multiple competitive advantages are often overlooked. A stronger voice from the sector is needed to gather the attention of the policy makers to ensure that the European and international regulatory frameworks and technical requirements are optimal to support the improvement and evolvement of this technology. Meanwhile, research and development (R&D) efforts are needed to develop cost-effective, more efficient and more effective flow batteries both at the European and broader international level.

The mission

A flow battery trade association will gather public and private organisations working together to support the development, industrialisation and deployment of flow batteries. This is even more needed in Europe since the European Commission wants to unify European battery development and manufacture.

A Flow Battery Association will accelerate the deployment of existing flow batteries and lead to the development of a new generation of flow batteries.

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