Session 12: Novel flow battery applications

You may think that flow batteries are only used in large scale stationary applications. Jonathan Williams and Chris Price will start this last session with a diversion, looking at how flow batteries could be used on and off ships.

But what about other opportunities? With so much change in the energy industry what are the business cases for other sectors? Does the flow battery industry have the power to ramp up production, reduce costs and get into these markets?

We’ll finish the conference looking at how the flow battery industry might respond to the expected huge growth in electric vehicles and the digital economy.

Presentation Speaker Affiliation
Flow batteries in marine applications Chris Price
Jonathan Williams
Swanbarton Ltd, UK
Marine South East, UK
Flow batteries for inland shipping Ton van Meegan PortLiner, Netherlands
The value of flow batteries behind the meter Diarmid Roberts The University of Sheffield, UK
Flow batteries to support the Digital Economy Kenneth Davies Birch Infrastructure, PBLLC, USA

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