Session 10: Organic & non-traditional batteries

It’s easy to make a convincing case for flow battery technology, but can we do better? Does it make sense to use metallic salts in solutions as the electrolytes? Are there economic or environmental benefits from switching to manufactured organic molecules?

Eric Fell, a member of the team at Harvard, will introduce organic flow battery chemistry followed by reports from other groups and companies working in this interesting field.

Presentation Speaker Affiliation
Recent progress in organic-based aqueous flow batteries: stability & synthetic techniques  Eric Fell Harvard University, USA
Non aqueous polyoxometalate flow batteries Catherine Peake University of Nottingham, UK
Advanced modelling techniques of flow battery chemistry Keith Stevenson Skolkovo Institute of Science & Technology, Russia
Long-term testing of a 2,7-AQDS/Fe(CN)64- aqueous redox flow battery: impact of pH on lifetime and utilization Filippo Fenini Aarhus University, Denmark
Microfluidics Beatriz Oraá Micro Electrochemical Technologies S.L., Spain

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