Poster preparation guidelines

These guidelines are for people who are presenting a poster at the rescheduled IFBF 2020 conference, from 19th – 21st January 2021 in Düsseldorf, Germany. If you are not the presenter, please forward this to the presenter and email us with their details.

Posters will be on display throughout the conference, with a dedicated poster session. Posters allow you to showcase your research and products and, encourage delegates to meet with you and exchange ideas. There will also be a poster speed pitch session, where you can make a 1-minute oral presentation to promote and summarise your work. Spaces are limited and only one speed pitch will be allowed per institution. To apply, please fill out a speed pitch application form when you check in.

Posters will be put on the IFBF website shortly after the conference. You are responsible for ensuring that you have the rights to the content and that you have not infringed the rights of others. You agree that you have the consent of any co-authors.

Delegates submitting a poster may also submit a 2-page conference paper of their poster. Papers provide a record of each year’s IFBF and will be published in the Conference Book of Papers. Please follow the separate conference paper guidelines.

Formatting your poster

Two example conference posters in the correct format are shown here: example 1, example 2.  

Please submit posters as an unlocked Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft PowerPoint or .pdf file.  Posters must fit on a single sheet of A0 sized paper in portrait format (i.e. 1189 mm high x 841 mm wide). If you do not wish to use the full space, please consider A1 paper instead.  The poster should have a white background with all margins set to 50 mm. Please include the IFBF logo (available here) in the top right-hand corner of your poster, blue on white at a size of 100 mm high.

British English spelling should be used and the elements – such as vanadium, copper, hydrogen – should not be capitalised.  Abbreviations should be written in full the first time they are used, then used consistently. For example: vanadium flow battery (VFB).  We prefer the term ‘flow battery’ to ‘redox flow battery’.

Title and Authors

The title should be relevant and concise.  Please use sentence case and reserve capital letters for names and proper nouns etc.

Author names should be in the format Given-Name Family-Name, with co-authors separated by a comma (,). Qualifications and academic titles should not be included. Please place the presenter’s name first, since this and the paper’s title will be used to introduce a speed pitch.

Companies and academic institutions should be in the format Flowing University, City, Country or Flow Battery GmbH, City, Country.  If there are two or morecompanies or academic institutions, please use superscript numerals (1) to match authors to their affiliations.

The email address of the presenter may be included using italic text Email: and no hyperlink.


The International System of Units (SI) should be used unless the use of other units is common.  For example, commodity prices might be expressed in US$ / lb.  Where $ is used please state the country to avoid ambiguity.

There should be a space between the figure and the unit.  For example: 100 kWh or 48 V.  Notation should be in the format mA cm-2, not mA/cm2, and any unusual units should be clearly explained.

Figures and tables

Figures and tables should be numbered consecutively and separately. For example: Figure 1, Figure 2, Table 1, Figure 3, Table 2.

Acknowledgements and references

Acknowledgements should be listed in order of importance. Small company logos are permitted.

References should be noted in the text using consecutive numbers within square brackets [1], then listed at the end of the poster in the order in which they appear. Please use the format Author, Title, Journal, Volume, Year, Pages.

Submission and review

Your poster must be submitted before Saturday 31st October 2020 via Oxford Abstracts. Please upload your poster as soon as possible to allow us time to prepare the conference materials.

All posters will be reviewed. If time permits, changes or clarifications will be referred to the author.


Please print your poster and bring it with you to the conference. Please hand your poster to our staff at check-in for us to display.

Speed pitch

If you are promoting your poster with a speed pitch, please arrive in the auditorium at least five minutes before the start of the session and come to the reserved seats at the front. You will be arranged in order of presentation.

Go on stage as soon as your name is called. Your name, your institution and title of your poster will be on the screen behind you. Face the front and smile. Tell us why we should come and talk to you about your poster. Aim to finish in 50 seconds. When you have finished, or the bell rings after 60 seconds, please leave the stage promptly. Thank you!

The conference language is English, but the IFBF is international and English is not the first language of most speakers and delegates. We ask native English speakers to be considerate in their choice of words and aim to be easily understood. If you would like to rehearse your presentation with an English speaker, please contact one of our staff at the reception desk.

Timetable reminder

 Date/time  Action
 Before Saturday 31st October 2020  Prepare your poster & 2-page optional conference paper
 Before Saturday 31st October 2020  Register for IFBF
 Before Saturday 31st October 2020 Upload your poster and optional 2-page conference paper to Oxford Abstracts
 Tuesday 19th January 2021 Check in at IFBF reception desk and handover your poster. If applicable, collect a speed pitch application form and return the completed form to reception.

If you have any questions or problems concerning your poster, please contact the IFBF team at:

Office: +44 1666 84 09 48.


The International Flow Battery Forum – 19th to 21st January 2021.

InterContinental Hotel, Konigsallee 59, Düsseldorf, 40215, Germany.

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