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The conference aims to educate, inform and provide discussion and networking on all aspects of flow batteries.  The programme included keynote addresses, formal presentations, seminars and panel sessions and educational visit.  The programme covered  a wide range of topics including updates on new developments in flow batteries, flow battery materials, improvements in performance, flow battery operations including recent flow battery operating experiences, flow battery applications, manufacturing and commercialisation, standards, safety and design.  All types of flow batteries were considered, including large and small scale, stationary, transportable and mobile.

The programmes from previous years are available using the links on the side bar. 

Click here for the detailed conference 2018 conference programme:

Programme for day 1

Programme for day 2

Programme for day 3   

List of poster papers

Monday 9th July 2018:

IFBF Introductory Seminar

Vanitec's 4th Energy Storage Committee Meeting                        

Evening reception and dinner at the Gina Restaurant sponsored by Vanitec.

Tuesday 10th July 2018 Conference Day 1

The IFBF conference dinner at the Olympic Museum at Ouchy, on the shores of Lake Geneva.  

Wednesday 11th July 2018Conference Day 2   

Conference day 2 included a poster session followed by an evening network reception sponsored by Oxkem.

Thursday 12th July 2018 - Conference Day 3 

Friday 13th July 2018 - Demonstration site visit to EPFL's demonstration flow battery in Martigny.


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