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IFBF 2017 27-29 June Manchester, England





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Conference Proceedings

Presentation downloads for 2018

Please note that the record of the conference is in three main parts:

a) A printed Book of Conference Papers, with a two page paper for each of the oral presentations and for the majority of the poster presentations

b) an electronic version of the presentation slides used by oral presenters. These can be downloaded from this link.   Files only available to registered 2018 delegates using unique username and password.

c) an electronic version of the poster presentation displayed during the poster session.  These are available using this link.

The printed Book of Conference Papers was made available to registered delegates at the  conference.  The electronic copy of the conference papers is available to purchase, see below.  There are a limited number of additional printed books available which can be purchased.  Please contact our office for further details.



Conference proceedings and presentation material for all previous IFBF conferences are available for sale to delegates and non delegates through this website. Please use the sidebar to link to the IFBF Archive.

Authors of conference papers may order reprints of their conference paper, either in paper or in pdf format. Please contact the conference office for details.

The IFBF would like to advise conference authors that there is an opportunity for their papers to be submitted to the Journal of Power Sources. Papers may be submitted at any stage in the process, but authors should note the conditions for acceptance of a paper in the journal. We would therefore expect that authors will submit their paper to the journal after the conference, it should be annotated by the author that a summary of the paper has been presented at the conference, and if accepted for publication a reference to the IFBF will be made in the published version.

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