Call for papers

The call for papers for our 2022 Summer Conference is now closed.

Thank you to everyone that submitted a proposal. We have received many interesting proposals which will provide an exciting programme covering the progress, challenges, and opportunities for flow batteries.

Reviews have now been completed and everyone should have received a response. If you have not received a response, please contact us.

Guidelines for presenters are now available and we look forward to receiving your full presentations.

The IFBF conference is planned as a face-to-face meeting in Brussels, 28–29 June 2022. The IFBF conference will be held alongside other industry meetings of the flow battery community, including a joint meeting with Flow Batteries Europe. Ideally, authors should plan to attend in Brussels.

Sessions at the IFBF 2022 will include the following topics:

  • Commercial issues, including market assessments, financing, and investment
  • Energy storage policy and strategy
  • Flow battery case studies, with details of flow battery applications and operational data
  • Novel applications for flow batteries, including mobile, portable, and transportable systems
  • Analysis of flow battery markets and opportunities
  • Flow battery performance improvements
  • Flow battery manufacturing and assembly
  • Supply of materials and components
  • Changes in flow battery technology
  • Contrasting methods of flow battery manufacture or flow battery chemistries
  • Funding and finance solutions
  • Environmental, health and safety aspects and the development of national, international standards and regulations

We welcome news and updates on recent and existing projects. We are looking for contributions that will be of interest to all parts of the flow battery community. Our priority for acceptance is for papers which report on recent and novel work. Authors who have previously presented work on a similar topic should make sure that sufficient information is given in their abstract to enable the committee to assess that new material is being presented.

The format for this year’s conference will include keynote presentations in specific subject sessions as well as panel and open discussions on industrial and commercial topics. If you wish to be invited to speak in a panel or discussion session, please also submit your suggestions using this call.

We expect customers and potential purchasers of flow battery systems to attend, and that they will be interested in presentations offered by end users of flow battery systems describing their use, application, and technical and commercial results of flow battery technology.

Papers and poster papers are published in our conference book of proceedings which can be cited in future work and distributed digitally to all delegates at the event. 

Attendance at this conference is part of Continuing Personal Development and we provide certificates of attendance upon request.

Papers accepted for oral and poster presentation are subject to our conditions which include:

  • at least one author must register as a paying delegate for the conference. 
  • authors whose paper is accepted for oral presentation must supply a paper for publication in the proceedings at the conference. Papers should be submitted using our template and be no more than 4 pages in length.
  • papers and presentations should avoid advertising or self-promotion but may include business activities and technical progress.
  • authors whose paper is presented for poster presentation must supply an electronic copy of their poster and optionally a paper for publication in the proceedings at the conference.
  • the IFBF is given rights to publish and distribute the paper at the conference and for distribution of the paper in printed and electronic format without payment of royalties and fees to authors. 


In order to help us plan the conference please note these guidelines when submitting your proposal using our abstract submission service:

  1. Prepare and submit a proposal of maximum 400 words including a brief, but descriptive title. 
  2. Prepare and submit a video file highlighting the main points of the proposed paper, of maximum length 1 minute.  Here is an example one minute presentation. These videos help us to arrange the schedule, especially if we have to hold the conference as a hybrid event.
  3. Proposals for papers and one minute video should be submitted through our abstract submission service, see link below.
  4. You will be asked to choose your preferred method of delivery:
    • Oral presentation (with accompanying written paper for the proceedings).
    • Poster presentation (with optional written paper for the proceedings).
    • Panelist (with optional written paper for proceedings).
  5. Papers not selected for oral presentation are likely to be offered a poster presentation. The format for our poster presentation session includes a one minute spoken introduction by the presenter, in a plenary session before moving to the poster area. The poster session is highly interactive, and there is good discussion between the presenters and other delegates. Poster presenters are also encouraged to submit a paper on their work to be published in the proceedings alongside their poster. The IFBF awards prizes to poster presenters including: best oral introduction by a poster presenter, best poster display and best discussion with assessors.
  6. Some speakers will be invited to join a panel or discussion session. Panel speakers are requested to also submit written papers covering their work.
  7. The organising and advisory committee will review proposals and video in order to select papers for presentation at the conference. Proposals submitted without an accompanying video will be considered for poster presentation.
  8. We will allocate some potential oral presentations to a reserve list. Our experience is that several reserve speakers are called each year to give an oral presentation.


Provisional timetableDeadline
Proposal submissions11 February 2022
Authors notified31 March 2022
Authors to register by29 April 2022
Paper submission16 May 2022
Poster submissions6 June 2022
Speed pitch submissions6 June 2022
Speaker submissions10 June 2022

Paper will be required at least six weeks before the date of the conference to enable these to be collated, reviewed, and published at the conference. The papers are indexed and submitted to the major libraries and referencing services. 

We look forward to receiving your proposals.  For further information call visit our website:, email: or call +44 1666 840948. 

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