The purpose of the IFBF is to raise the profile of flow batteries as a crucial technology within the electrical energy storage sector. We believe this is timely and relevant as the need to educate and inform a wide audience of the benefits, features and attributes of flow batteries.

Electricity storage technologies are attracting increasing levels of interest, both from those who manage the world’s power systems and from those who invest in plant and equipment, manufacturing, project development and asset operation as well as those who are end consumers of electrical power. There has been a notable growth in electrical energy storage, especially for battery-based systems. However, with a variety of battery technology types on offer to the market, it is vital to ensure that the benefits of flow battery systems are recognised and understood; and that purchasers and users of battery-based electrical energy storage technologies make wise choices in the market place.

Each year our agenda is guided by the proposals from delegates for presentations and posters, and we are pleased to offer a mix of topics ranging from the latest commercial developments in flow battery projects, supply of raw materials and components as well as the latest research from laboratories, universities and public and private companies from around the world for discussion in the conference. We have presentations on a range of chemistries and configurations, discuss current and future applications as well as holding discussions on commercialisation and research and development priorities.

We hope you will join our additional IFBF Showcase from 30th June —1st July 2020 and join us in Düsseldorf from 19th—21st January 2021 at the Hotel Continental for the IFBF 2021 International Flow Battery Forum.

2020 Organising committee

We thank you our organising committee and industry advisory group for their continued support:

Organising committee

Honorary Chairman: Professor Maria Skyllas-Kazacos AM

Alessandra Accogli Len Berlouis Thomas Beyer Declan Bryans
Burak Caglar Guillaume Chazalet Antoni Forner-Cuenca Mathieu Etienne
Raquel Ferret Peter Fischer Jan Girshik Lorenz Gubler
Theresa Haish Crispin Hawes Irwansyah Ashkan Kavei
Michael Küttinger George Law Robert Lynch Chris Menictas
Nicolas Murer Jens Noack Melanie Schroeder Thorsten Seipp
Kathryn Toghill Baoguo Wang Claudia Weidlich Adam Whitehead
Ian Whyte Rachis Zaffou Huamin Zhang Susanne Zils

Industry advisory group

Bret Adams Kevin Bradley Mathilde Cazot Matthias Gebert
Thibault Godet-Bar Thibaut Gutel Joseph Martin David Pasquier
Thomas Rabbow Alexander Schoenfeldt Rick Winter Gary Yang

Secretary: Anthony Price

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